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Rheal & Ocean Bottle: Help us to Protect Our Oceans

We’ve partnered with Ocean Bottle, an amazing business who have made it their mission to protect our precious oceans.

Together, we can reduce waste and stop plastic from entering the ocean in the first place. Here's how.

Ocean Bottle: Small Bottle, Big Impact

Ocean Bottle produce reusable water bottles which make a real impact on the health of our oceans, by directly reducing plastic waste.

Every Ocean Bottle sold funds the collection of ocean-bound plastic, turning harmful waste into a sustainable livelihood for locals in places where ocean waste is a problem.

By stopping plastic from entering the ocean in the first place, Ocean Bottle help to reduce pollution, maintain precious ecosystems and protect marine wildlife.

How it Works

Most of us know that plastic waste is a huge problem for our oceans, but aside from avoiding single use plastics it can be hard to know how to make a real difference.

That’s where Ocean Bottle can help. They know that 80% of the world’s ocean plastic actually comes from poor waste management in coastal communities.

So, they work with these communities to employ plastic collectors. These are the ocean heroes who work tirelessly to collect, sort and recycle so much of the world’s waste.

They can access money, healthcare and education in exchange for the plastic collected - so that it becomes helpful and not harmful.

For every reusable bottle sold, Ocean Bottle fund and guarantee the collection of over 11kgs plastic waste - recycling it before it can get washed away!

Their Impact to Date

Ocean Bottle have already made a huge impact - far more than just a drop in the ocean!

Here is what they have achieved so far.

🌊 2,784,239 kgs Ocean-bound plastic collected (and counting!)
🐳 That’s the same weight as 19 Blue Whales
🏊‍♀️ Or enough plastic to fill 98 Olympic Swimming Pools
💰 4300 Plastic Collectors receive a fair income for their amazing work

That is the journey so far, but it doesn’t stop there. Ocean Bottle aim to collect 80 million kgs of plastic waste by 2025 - and we are so happy to be part of this effort with our Rheal bottle.

Help Us to Make a Rheal Difference with Ocean Bottle

We’ve collaborated with Ocean Bottle so that we can really make waves when it comes to reducing plastic waste.

Each Rheal Ocean Bottle you buy funds the collection of 11.4kg ocean-bound plastic - that’s over 1000 plastic bottles.

By stopping this plastic from entering the ocean we can all do our bit to reduce plastic waste and help protect the environment.

Plus, you get a great looking reusable bottle that can travel with you wherever you go.

  • Dual opening lid - smaller lid for sipping, bigger lid for cleaning and adding ice - plus a neat in-built flask cup for coffee on the go

  • Dishwasher safe - no more washing your water bottle separately

  • Vacuum insulation - keep hot drinks hot for 9 hours, or enjoy cold drinks for 18 hours

  • Slick and durable - handy carry loop & no-sweat exterior

  • Sustainable - BPA-free & recycled ocean-bound plastic base

Good for you. Good for the Ocean. 💚

Keep your Shroom Coffee piping hot or your water nice and chilled - for superfoods that are ready when you are.

Time to invest in a reusable bottle that can make an impact that counts, and tackle ocean pollution with every sip.

Shop the Rheal Bottle.

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